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Game News
Welcome to the general forums of <Archmage>! This forum is here to provide you a friendly environment to discuss any topic as well as a general meeting place for guildies and non-guildies alike.

Please remember, this forum is public and reflects on the guild as a whole, so put your best foot forward!
These forums will work best when each participant treats their fellow poster with respect and courtesy.
And as always, remember to have fun!

If you are a member and wish to organize special guild events or just chat with your fellow guildies, please check out the member forums which can be found here:
Members General Forums

For detailed information about the guild, be sure to refer to the "Tome of Knowledge" thread, found here:
Tome of Knowledge

If you are new to <Archmage> or are just curious about the guild, here is a small FAQ about <Archmage>

What kind of guild is <Archmage>?
<Archmage> is a next generation CaSoLL guild, that is, a Casual, Social, Leveling and Learning guild focused on helping members out, making friends, learning the game all while having fun and enjoying themselves!

So you don't raid?
Not particularly. <Archmage> does not actively seek to raid or focus on high end raid progression. That being said, we encourage any activity that involves your fellow guildies. Sometimes that means questing together, sometimes that means killing a raid boss 

That being said, <Archmage> has some extremely seasoned, veteran raiders as part of its ranks who are 100% committed to teaching players how to become good raiders in the event that they wish to one day join a proper raiding guild. It is the guild's hope that if you ever have a raiding applicant applying to your guild who is coming from <Archmage> that you can rest assured that he/she is well trained and will be a valuable member of your raiding guild.

What makes <Archmage> special? How are you different from any other casual/social guilds?
Archmage has taken a unique approach to social guilds.

There is no structure of authority in the guild per say. Instead, the guild is a collection of individuals who all share a common goal; Have fun playing WoW and become better players. Due to this, there is no drama and no commitments. Archmage was created for people who want to have the support of an entire guild without having the strings attached. We have a strict open door policy. Members can come and go as they please with no hard feelings. We like our guildies to think of <Archmage> as their true home. So even if they leave to focus on either raiding or pvping, they can always return whenever they want and will be welcomed back with open arms.

Furthermore, <Archmage> is dedicated to helping new, returning or even seasoned players better their game. Members within <Archmage> actively pursue a mission which asks for them to not only help out their fellow members, but help them become better players, whether it be by teaching them something about their class, or helping them understand one of the many aspects to the World of Warcraft.

So if no one has to do anything, then obviously you guys don't have all the guild amenities, right?
<Archmage> is fully equipped with all the amenities available to a guild in WoW. Gbanks, tabards, forums, a website, vent/TS servers. If any are missing, the guild Executors are usually very swift in adding them, especially if people want it.

Why should I join <Archmage>?
Apart from the obvious (making new friends, enjoying the game, etc), high ranking members of the guild have not only made it their personal mission to help each individual member with any questions or problems they may have, but also help each member become better a better player of their class in general. The Executive staff of <Archmage> firmly believe in "Better gaming through knowledge" and bring to the guild vast stores of knowledge they have of the game. In this way, <Archmage> is almost the single best in game resource you can have if you are a new player, or playing a new class for the first time. It is also the best place you can be if you like to help others out by sharing your knowledge or help in increasing the population of "good players" on the server.

Sounds awesome! Where do I sign up?
You can join <Archmage> simply by messaging any member of the guild and asking for an invite. New members are encouraged to make a forum account as soon as possible (though it is not mandatory). A lot of the social aspects of the guild take place on the forums, plus it is an awesome way to keep in touch with guildies when not in game.
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